NYCHA Kombucha.
The fermented tea beverage.

NYCHA Kombucha Quince and Pear
NYCHA Kombucha Ginger

NYCHA Kombucha is refreshing, slightly bubbling and a treat for your body and soul. NYCHA Kombucha is a fermented green tea beverage and is brewed in Switzerland with dedication and passion from 100% organic ingredients.

NYCHA Kombucha.
Beneficial for your health and our environment.

Our vegan NYCHA is a great alternative to Cola, Rivela or sweet ice tea.
All our ingredients are sourced organically: We are 100% organic.
Naturally fermented green tea with healthy enzymnes.
Locally produced between Baden and Zürich.

We value high quality. Our ingredients are 100% vegan, 100% organic, and are traded fairly. The fermentation process is a natural process. Our production is located in Wettingen, Switzerland, between Zürich and Baden.

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NYCHA Kombucha.
How we craft NYCHA Kombucha.

Darjeeling Green Tea Preparation

Steeping of Fair Trade Darjeeling Green Tea

Green tea is the basis of NYCHA Kombucha.

We prepare organic farmed and fairly traded Darjeeling green tea (imported by Teekampagne) in a delicate process to get the most flavor and nutrients out of the tea. In a second step, a carefully selected mix of organic sugars is added to the tea. Together the sugar and green tea serve as an optimal foundation for the natural fermentation process with a probiotic culture of yeast and bacteria, also known as SCOBY.

Kombucha Fermentation

Fermentation mit probitoischer Kombucha-Kultur

The natural fermentation creates Kombucha out of green tea.

We add a carefully raised Kombucha culture (SCOBY) to the green tea. For several days the culture metabolizes the sugar and produces natural acids and healthy enzymes. We ensure daily that the fermentation conditions are optimal so the culture can produce the best Kombucha possible.

Refinement and Quality Control

Kombucha wird durch Zugabe von Geschmackszutaten veredelt.

Organic ingredients refine our Kombucha.

After the fermentation we add organically farmed ingredients such as pear, quince, herbs and ginger to our Kombucha. That is the final step in crafting NYCHA Kombucha out of green tea. We use glass bottles to make sure that NYCHA reaches our customers at the same quality we bottled it.

Enjoy NYCHA Kombucha

NYCHA Kombucha Verkauf Zürich und Baden

NYCHA Kombucha is ready to be enjoyed.

Our products are available in selected restaurants, bars and stores in the regions of Zürich and Baden. You can find all our sales locations here. We work tirelessly to get our Kombucha to where you are. Let us know where you would like to buy us. We also ship our beverages all over Switzerland, you can order our products through our web shop.