NYCHA Kombucha.
Things to know.

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions regarding NYCHA and Kombucha in general. If your question is not answered here please send us a note by using our contact form.

What is NYCHA?

NYCHA Kombucha is a fermented green tea beverage. Teekampagne's Darjeeling green tea is made into Kombucha by a natural fermentation process with a Kombucha culture consisting of bacteria and yeast. Acids and enzymes are the result of the fermentation process and not only give Kombucha a nice taste but may also help to support your digestion, immune system and health in general.
Kombucha contains some CO2 which makes it sparkling nicely on the tongue. The fermentation is responsible for the interesting flavor profile of Kombucha: sweet-sour and spicy, similar to a apple cider vinegar or a hard cider. These days our taste buds are used to sweet beverages, which may make the taste of Kombucha strange at first. Give it some time and we are sure it will grow on you and your body will thank you for consuming less sugar.

The natural fermentation with a probiotic Kombucha culture creates healthy enzymes, organic acids and microbes, which can have a positive effect on your well being and your digestion. The health benefits of Kombucha are comparable to the benefits from other fermented foods such as buttermilk, sauerkraut, sour dough, and yogurt. Other Kombucha brands on the Swiss market pasteurize their beverage. Pasteurization kills the microorganism and may destroy the enzymes and thereby the Kombucha loses some of its major health benefits. We at NYCHA Kombucha do not pasteurize our Kombucha but instead use highest standards of hygiene and multiple lab tests during the production process. Fermented foods were once a big staple of the human diet. We at NYCHA would like to help bring back fermented foods into people's everyday life.

Furthermore, NYCHA Kombucha is rich in antioxidants from the green tea, low in calories and sugar compared to other soft drinks, and full of other healthy, high-quality ingredients such as ginger, mountain herbs, and quince.

Yes. The sugar in Kombucha production is not primarily used as a sweetener but as a nutrient for the Kombucha culture. During the fermentation the culture feeds from the sugar, reduces it and produces healthy enzymes and acids instead.
No, NYCHA Kombucha is more than a ice tea. NYCHA Kombucha is a upgraded ice tea. Kombucha combines the healthy nutrients of green tea (antioxidants) with the benefits of natural fermentation. The difference between ice tea and Kombucha can be compared to the difference between grape juice and wine. In the same way that fermentation produces wine out of grape juice, fermentation makes Kombucha out of sweetened tea.
No, NYCHA Kombucha is a non-alcoholic beverage. The yeast in the Kombucha culture transforms sugar into alcohol. In a further step that alcohol is metabolized by bacteria and modified into acids. That's the reason why NYCHA Kombucha is non-alcoholic (<0.5 %vol).
Yes. The caffeine stems from Teekampagne's Darjeeling green tea. Lab tests have shown that one bottle of NYCHA Kombucha (33 cl) contains about 34 mg of caffeine. For comparison: a cup of coffee contains about 80 mg caffeine.
For us two things are most important during the production of NYCHA Kombucha. First, the quality of the ingredients we use and second, a well-controlled fermentation process. By not making any compromises in these two areas we can guarantee the high-quality of our products. A more detailed description of the production process can be found here.
YCHA Kombucha is a raw and unpasteurized product. Even though we try our best to keep the production process controlled and constant, the natural fermentation process will always vary to a certain degree. After all millions of little microbes are working together to create our Kombucha. Our beverage is alive and small differences in flavor and CO2 concentration are possible and likely to occur.

Unopened bottles should be stored in a cool place, preferably in a fridge. If stored in a cool place the preservation through fermentation gives the product a shelf life of multiple months (see expiration date on the bottle)

Opened bottles should be stored in the fridge and should be consumed within three days.

Yes. Kombucha is vegan / vegetarian beverage.

Our ingredients

Yes, NYCHA Kombucha is certified organic. We only us products from organic agriculture and are therefore 100% organic. Bio Inspecta audits us regularly to certify that we are complying with regulations for organic food products.
Our tea grows in the Darjeeling region in the North East of India at the border to Tibet. Darjeeling is a beautiful area, whose altitude and moist Himalaya climate are well suited for tea plantations. Due to these perfect conditions the tea from this region is also referred to as Champagne of teas. The tea we source comes from organic certified plantations that treat their workers fair and pay them a fair compensation.
Our tea is regularly tested for heavy metals and remains of pesticides. No pesticides or heavy metals have been found in these tests so far.


NYCHA Kombucha is available in selected stores, restaurants, bars and directly at the brewery. We work tirelessly to expand our sales network, a current list of all sales locations can be found here. We also ship Kombucha to your door steps, orders of > 10 bottles ship for free. Use our website to place your order.
Please write us. We always enjoy getting to know people interested in Kombucha. We would also like to make sure that we know where to sell our Kombucha in the future.
Thank you very much for your interest and support. We would love to get in touch with you to discuss sales opportunities together. Please write us through our contact form or call us.